Plant of the Day

To help you choose plants for delivery and get you through this tough time, we are showing off some of our favourite plants. You can still order a previous day’s Plant of the Day, as long as we still have them in stock!

Sunday 3rd May – Nemesia (Easter Bonnet, Myrtille and Wisley Vanilla)

Fragrant summer bedding plants that add both colour and scent to your garden


Saturday 2nd May – Hebe Pearl of Paradise

A compact green shrub showing exquisite white/lilac flowers in early summer


Friday 1st May- Cytisus Boskoop Ruby

A small, bushy shrub with plentiful small crimson flowers in late spring to early summer


Thursday 30th April – Sambucus Nigra Black Lace

A lovely dark coloured shrub which has light pink blooms in early summer. The flowers are then followed by black berries in autumn


Wednesday 29th April – Ceanothus Lemon and Lime

An upright evergreen shrub with bright blue blooms in spring, that are attractive to both bees and butterflies


Tuesday 28th April – Leptospermum Martinii (or Tea Tree)

An aromatic shrub with spiky foliage that prefers a free draining soil. Evergreen with reddish-pink flowers throughout the summer


Sunday 26th April – Viburnum Plicatum Popcorn

Gets its name from the masses of popcorn shaped flowers that appear in spring. It is also one of the most drought tolerant viburnums


Saturday 25th April – Sorbaria Sorbifolia Sem

A wonderful plant with beautifully delicate, exotic looking foliage. Red tips on top of lime green leaves give a fresh, zingy feel with creamy white flowers in summer


Friday 24th April – Crinodendron

Also known as the Chilean lantern tree, is an evergreen shrub bearing interesting red lantern shaped flowers in early summer


Thursday 23rd April – Heucheras

A great option as foliage plants that provide colour almost year-round. A hardy perennial it is best planted in groups for effect


Wednesday 22nd April – Azaleas

Acid loving shrubs which are covered with flowers around April/May. Plant with ericaceous compost in a slightly shaded spot to help give them the opportunity to look at their best

Starting from £11.99

Tuesday 21st April – Lavender Willow Vale

An evergreen shrub with plenty of scented blooms through summer. It prefers a dry site in full sun and looks its best planted en-masse, but it can also be planted in a pot


Monday 20th April – Tiarella Spring Symphony

A clump forming perennial also known as the foam flower. It produces an abundance of wispy flower spikes, above lobed foliage and is perfect for a shady spot


Sunday 19th April – Deutzia x Rosea Carminea

Has a stunning blanket of pink buds which open to white flowers. It is a compact, low growing, deciduous shrub with lovely arching branches


Saturday 18th April – Rhododendron Cunningham White

Acid loving and spring flowering this shrub prefers a sheltered, mostly shady spot. It will brighten your garden with an abundance of huge showy white flowers early in the year. 


Friday 17th April – Euphorbia

Black Pearl and Purpurea are eye catching perennials, with interesting flower spikes made up of more typically foliage colours. Remember to wear gloves when pruning as the sap can be irritable and be careful as they are also toxic if ingested


Thursday 16th April – Hebe

 Are a great option for the low maintenance garden. They provide all year-round colour and structure to your garden whilst requiring little ongoing care. Great value compact shrubs


Tuesday 14th April – Ribes Sangineum Red Bross

Also know as the flowering currant it bears masses of exquisite, highly scented crimson flowers. As well as the stunning colour, the flowers will provide a great source of early nectar for the bees


Monday 13th April – Cordyline

Are a great architectural plant to add an exotic feel to your garden. With various colours available the spiky foliage is truly eye catching in the right spot!

From £16.99

Sunday 12th April – Vinca Illumination

A great option if you need some ground cover. This vigorous, carpeting shrub will thrive in virtually any garden position, from sun to deep shade and has gold-splashed foliage, paired with cobalt-blue flowers


Saturday 11th April – Diosma

A wonderful, compact, lime green evergreen shrub that produces delicate pink/white flowers in early summer. The contrast of the light-coloured flowers on the zingy foliage is particularly striking


Friday 10th April – Santolina Chamaecyparissus (also know as Cotton Lavender)

An aromatic evergreen shrub that has a mass of small yellow flowers in summer. A great plant for a hot and dry area


Thursday 9th April – Scabious Butterfly Blue/Pink Mist

Manages to flower from April all the way into November. Its round, frilly lavender or pink flowers are also of interest to wildlife being a favourite of butterflies and bees


Wednesday 8th April – Hydrangea Lacecap Blue

A lovely shrub which produces large, showy blue-purple flowers on top of matt green leaves. Usually on show later in the summer these current stock have been bought on to give some early colour. LOW STOCK


Tuesday 7th April — Euryops

An evergreen Mediterranean style plant with large, bright yellow daisy type flowers contrasting against delicate grey-green foliage. The perfect plant to brighten up your garden!


Monday 6th April – Senetti Blue Bi Colour

A vibrant hit of blue and white daisy flowers completely covering the plant. Great for use in a pot but remember to protect from frost


Sunday 5th April – Erysimum Winter Passion

This is an evergreen perennial wallflower that has a mass of dark red flowers with a beautiful sweet scent, which is particularly noticeable on a warm day


Saturday 4th April – Harvington Hellebores

These are a great winter flowering plant that can last from December for months! They are great if you have a slightly shady spot and will multiple gradually over the years creating free plants when divided


Friday 3rd April – Arabis Spring Charm

An evergreen perennial covered in bright, deep pink and sweetly scented flowers with a mat forming habit.

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Thursday 2nd April – Fritillaria Imperialis

A hardy bulb showing bright yellow or red flowers on an erect stem. They are also known for having a pungent scent


Wednesday 1st April – Forsythia X Intermedia Weekend

A woody shrub whose striking yellow trumpet flowers signal the arrival of spring