Gas & Fuel

We are a stockist of Calor Gas, in the following types & sizes:

  • Patio Gas (Propane) – 5kg, 13kg
  • Butane – 4.5kg, 7kg, 15kg
  • Propane – 3.9kg, 6kg, 13kg

Please note that the above is not an accurate list of current stock – please call us on 01376 513239 to enquire about availability

We also stock new regulators for all of the above

If you need a refill, please bring your empty bottle to us and we will swap it for a full one. Please note, we only accept Calor Gas bottles and cannot swap other brands

If you do not have a bottle or need a new one, you’ll need to take out a Rental Agreement/put down a deposit. This costs £39.99 plus the cost of the gas itself

Kiln Dried Logs - £5.99 each, 3 for £15
Netted Logs - £4.99 each, 4 for £18
Smokeless Coal - 20kg - £5.29 each, 3 for £15
Kindling - £3.99
Blazers Fuel Logs - £5.99 each, 3 for £15
Flamers Natural Firelighters - £2.99
Big K Lumpwood Charcoal 3kg - £6.99
Aquasol Water Softener Salt Tablets 25kg - £9.99