Seeds & Propagation

Monday 20th April 2020 – we are still well stocked on seeds!

We still have plenty of seeds left from both of our suppliers, Kings and Thompson & Morgan, and it’s not too late to plant!

We have a huge range, including vegetables, herbs and flowers, including some unusual new varieties for you to try!

These are not yet available to view online but we’re happy to speak to you about availability over the phone.

Below you’ll also find a range of sundries to help start them off!

Professional 40 Cell Inserts (Pack of 5)
Professional Mini Seed and Cutting Tray (20 x 6cm Pots)
Professional Mini Vegetable Tray (15 x 7cm Sq Pots)
Bio-Based Growing Pots (Compostible) - 9cm, 10.5cm, 12cm
Professional Growing Pots - available in 10.5cm, 13cm, 14cm, 17cm & 23cm
24 6cm Round Fibre Pots
36 5cm Fibre Pot Strips
Large High Dome Propagator - L37.5cm x W23cm x H17cm
Super 7 Electric Windowsill Propagator - L76cm x W18.5cm x H15cm
Fab 4 Electric Propagator
One Top Electric Propagator
XL High Dome Propagator Lid - L57.5cm x W39.5cm x H15cm
XL Tray - with/without holes - L57.5cm x W39.5cm x D15cm
Midi Garden Tray With/Without Holes - L37.5cm x W23cm x D6cm
Large Budget Propagator Lid - L37.5cm W23cm x D6.5cm
Mini Garden Tray With/Without Holes - L23cm x W17cm x D6cm
Small Budget Propagator Lid - L23cm x W17cm x D6.5cm
Narrow Garden Tray With/Without Holes - L37.5cm x W13.5cm x D6cm
Narrow Propagator Lid - L37.5cm x W13.5cm x H6.5cm