Seeds & Propagation

We stock thousands of varieties of seeds year round from two suppliers, Kings Seeds and Thompson & Morgan

Plus, a wide range of sundries to help you grow them, including seed trays, pots, propagators and more!

Professional 40 Cell Inserts (Pack of 5)
Professional Mini Seed and Cutting Tray (20 x 6cm Pots)
Professional Mini Vegetable Tray (15 x 7cm Sq Pots)
Bio-Based Growing Pots (Compostible) - 9cm, 10.5cm, 12cm
Professional Growing Pots - available in 10.5cm, 13cm, 14cm, 17cm & 23cm
24 6cm Round Fibre Pots
36 5cm Fibre Pot Strips
Large High Dome Propagator - L37.5cm x W23cm x H17cm
Super 7 Electric Windowsill Propagator - L76cm x W18.5cm x H15cm
Fab 4 Electric Propagator
One Top Electric Propagator
XL High Dome Propagator Lid - L57.5cm x W39.5cm x H15cm
XL Tray - with/without holes - L57.5cm x W39.5cm x D15cm
Midi Garden Tray With/Without Holes - L37.5cm x W23cm x D6cm
Large Budget Propagator Lid - L37.5cm W23cm x D6.5cm
Mini Garden Tray With/Without Holes - L23cm x W17cm x D6cm
Small Budget Propagator Lid - L23cm x W17cm x D6.5cm
Narrow Garden Tray With/Without Holes - L37.5cm x W13.5cm x D6cm
Narrow Propagator Lid - L37.5cm x W13.5cm x H6.5cm