Indoor Plants


We have expanded our houseplant/indoor plants section and now have a good range of foliage, flowering and speciality plants – a few of our favourites can be found below

For any questions on stock availability, please call us on 01376 513239

Campanula (indoor variety)

With bright purple blooms of flowers, these add colour to an indoor space like no other houseplant!

If looked after, it will flower multiple times per year. Keep reasonably well watered, so soil is slightly moist to the touch

Pilea Peperomioides

Fascinating plant that will keep growing to a large size if well cared for. Easy to look after – just lightly water a few times a week

It also sprouts off small stems that can be cut and replanted, to grow a whole family of baby Pilea!

Dionaea (Venus Fly Traps) and Drosera (Sundews)

Carnivorous plants that attract small flies and mosquitoes to their grasps.

A crowd favourite for customers here

Keep the soil permanently moist – best to keep them in a saucer or tray with a little water

Cacti – various

We stock a wide range of Cacti varieties – some normal looking, some a lot more unique!

Super easy to look after – they need very little water and can sustain a wide range of temperatures


We love a patterned leaf! Very striking design and an abundance of leaves

Keep the soil lightly watered – okay for the top part of the soil to be slightly dry